The Dac Loc Co., Ltd. is a Mechanical & Steel Production Company was established in 2004, and located in HoChiMinh city of VietNam.

Scope of Business Activities:

  1. Mechanical - Manufacturing activities: we design & manufacture the Wire Net M/C, Barbed Wire M/C, Weldmesh making M/C, Cold-drawn wire M/C & Industrial conveyors..etc.
    Our machineries are of compact sizes, reliable in working, and be adjustable for some production’s specs. due to customer’s requirements. Those machines, as we think, are very suitable & useful for the Production and Business companies in Developing countries. 

    Beside above, we also can design & fabricate some types of equipments due to the customer’s detailed requirements.

    Chain-link Wire Net M/C (code: MLxx)
  2. -   Overall length 5.600mm
    -   Overall width 3.600mm
    -   Overall height 2.100mm
    -   Weight 2.500kg
    -   Power 5Kw
    The sizes of M/C can be curtailed in for its transportation.
    Chain-link Wire Net M/C

    Barbed Wire M/C (code: KGxx)
     -   Overall length  1.000mm
     -   Overall width  1.000mm
     -   Overall height  1.450mm
     -   Weight  1.000kg
     -   Power  5Kw
    Barbed Wire M/C

    The Weldmesh making M/C, Cold-drawn wire M/C, Conveyors & others facilities will be designed and made due to the detailed requirements by customers.

    Conveyors - Weldmesh Making M/C - Cold-drawm Wire M/C

     Cold-drawn wire system: At present our company has some continuous wire drawing systems, that are working automatically from the step of input raw material to final one of wire products.

  3. Traditional Steel products
    Black steel wires:
    We can produce steel wires in coil of different diameter from 0.5mm to 10.0mm from wire rods in coils of different steel grades as JIS G3505/ASTM A510 and/or SAE(AISI) for general use such as, for making of Fancase, Wire hanger, PVC-coating wire, Wire for powder-painting products, for Weldmesh and Wire net,..etc. by the Company’s Product coded as DL.01x

  4. Steel Wire & some of its products

    We also produce the Steel wires for cold heading products such as different kinds of Screws & Bolts from the wire rods of grade as per JIS G3507 / A545-6 / SAE (AISI) 1006-1050 by the Company’s Product coded as DL.02x

    We produce and other steel wire & bars from high carbon materials as per JIS G3506 / SAE (AISI 1026-1095) for producing of some machinery’s parts, springs, high tensile bolts, axles & cross bars, and tools by the Company’s Product coded as DL.03x

    The Dac Loc Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing of Steel wires with the Fine & Bright finished surface, that are very suitable for the wire products requested having a high-quality finished coating surface in final. The steel wire products with different surface quality are coded by our company as in the below table.



    Company code Steel grade by JIS Surface quality coded Production code
     DL.01 Low carbon wire as by G3505 Common: G DL.01G, DL.01C, DL.01E

    Cold heading wire as by G3507

    Clean & fine: C DL.02G, DL.02C, DL.02E
     DL.03 High carbon wire as by G3506 Fine & bright: E DL.03G, DL.03C, DL.03E

    Resin coating wires: diameter of steel core, thickness & colour of resin coating layer are optional. We supply the resin coated wires by coils and / or by straight cutting pieces due to customer's order to meet their production design (company coded as DL.01R)
    Steel wire with Resin coating
    Wire Net with Resin coating

    Weldmesh: the weldmesh products are produced by the system of high-automatic operated machines to meet different kinds of need for the local market and oversea ones. 
    Weldmesh products

    For further business information pleased  feel freely to contact us as follows:

    Office: 166 Thanh Cong str., Tan Thanh ward, Tan Phu Dist., HCMC., VN
    Tel: (84.913) 926.815     |     Tax code:0303268119     |     Wesite:

    Factory: B12C/7A (front) Interhamlet road 1.2.3, Vinh Loc B vilg., Binh Chanh Dist. HCMC., VN.
    Tel: (84.8) 39444815 - 22456120 - 22456121 | Fax: (84.8) 62665198 | Email: